11. 7月 2019 - 19:00 迄 21:00

bitgrit Meet Up: Blockchain in the Real World | 株式会社bitgrit | 木曜日, 11. 7月 2019


19:00 ~ 19:30: 開場、ネットワーキングタイム
19:30 ~ 19:50: bitgrit紹介+スピーチ by Frederik Bussler (日本語通訳あり)
19:50 ~ 20:00: 質疑応答
20:00 ~ 20:20: ゲストスピーカー (Arteryex株式会社 代表取締役社長 李 東瀛 リ・トウエイ)
20:20 ~ 20:30: 質疑応答
20:30 ~ 21:00: ネットワーキングセッション
21:00: イベント終了

東京都目黒区上目黒3-4-3 小金井ビル 4F

Arteryex株式会社 代表取締役社長 李 東瀛 リ・トウエイ

 株式会社bitgrit CEOフレデリック・バスラー
 弱冠19歳で株式会社bitgritの最高経営責任者(CEO)に就任。様々な企業で培ったAIとブロックチェーンのノウハウと経験を活かし、bitgritが目指す「コミュニティ主導の民主AI」の実現に向けて企業の先頭に立つ。スマート・コントラクト・コードの脆弱性を特定する会社である「スマート・コントラクト・オーディティング(Smart Contract Auditing)」の創立者兼CEOとしてキャリアをスタートさせ、 さらにアムステルダムのMaven 11 Capitalのデータアナリストや、HealthDexのチーフデータオフィサー、Rare Genomics Instituteのブロックチェーンおよび機械学習の調査分析専門家、Agro Stock Exchangeの戦略アドバイザーなども歴任した。

Overview:When you hear the word “blockchain,” perhaps your mind immediately goes to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, blockchain has much to offer outside the crypto space – in fields such as medicine, finance, and more. Whether it be in the context of our economy or our methods of communication, blockchain has the potential to become part of our daily lives. Yet while this is true, it's also a fact that many are not aware of what this technology is really about.We at bitgrit host this event in the hopes of creating a space where attendees can gain insights on the blockchain, as well as to freely share ideas and insights. To that end, we welcome pioneering blockchain experts in different fields to discuss the potential of blockchain to share blockchain’s many applications and incredible potential in the different realms, such as the medical space and more.Timetable:19:00-19:30 Reception and networking19:30-19:50 bitgrit introduction and speech by CEO Frederik Bussler (English, possible simultaneous Japanese interpretation)19:50-20:00 Q&A20:00-20:20 Keynote speech by Li Dongying20:20-20:30 Q&A20:30-21:00 Networking21:00 Closing comments

3-4-3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Koganei Building 4F
Directly adjacent to Nakameguro station. Look for the building with Segafredo cafe. Head inside and go up to the fourth floor for the venue space!
Note on language supportLectures will be held in both English and Japanese. While there will be Japanese translation for English contents, there will be no English translation for Japanese contents. Thank you for your understanding!Speaker Profiles (In order of appearance)Frederik Bussler (CEO of bitgrit)At only 19 years of age, Frederik Bussler serves as the CEO of bitgrit. Bussler brings together his experience in AI and blockchain, garnered from his experience across a diverse range of companies, to spearhead bitgrit’s vision of creating community-first, democratic AI. Bussler formerly served as the founder and CEO of Smart Contract Auditing, a start-up working to detect vulnerabilities in smart contract code, where he provided security solutions to a variety of blockchain companies, including VibraVid. He previously held positions as a data analyst at the Amsterdam-based firm Maven 11 Capital, the Chief Data Officer at HealthDex, a blockchain and machine learning research analyst at the Rare Genomics Institute, and strategic advisor for the Agro Stock Exchange.Li Dongying (Managing Director of Arteryex)Li has several years’ experience working at IBM Japan on a wide variety of projects, including operation innovation and system development. He has also started a venture business in Switzerland, an IT strategy consulting firm as part of KPMG, and in March 2018, Arteryex. Arteryex aims to build a platform to reduce costs of medical information for patients.